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László Nemes Jeles is working on a new movie

László Nemes Jeles is working on a new movie

After winning an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award for Son of Saul, the Hungarian director is working on his new movie, Az árva (The Orphan) with the same production team as before, but with another company – wrote HVG 360.


The base crew of his new film is the same as it was in Son of Saul (2015) and Sunset (2018). The screenplay is written by László Nemes Jeles, Clara Royer, and the film will be produced by Gábor Sipos, Gábor Rajna and co-produced by Judit Stalter. The production company will be Laokoon Film.


The development of The Orphan was supported by the National Film Institute (NFI) in October 2020 with seven million forints. This amount will be used by the creators to finalize the script, among other things.

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