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Those who remained – Review Score 84%

Those who remained – Review

The love story of an older man and a young girl after the Second World War, at the beginning of the Rákosi era, or what happened to those who remained?

Eternal Return – Hurok (2016) Review Score 67%

Eternal Return – Hurok (2016) Review

Hurok attempts to be a stand-out time travel film. Although it doesn’t reform the genre and it’s a little bit complicated, it provides enjoyable entertainment.

Winged Bird – Red Sparrow Review Score 56%

Winged Bird – Red Sparrow Review

Red Sparrow is an unusual worthwhile ‘sexpionage’ thriller which is boosted further by Jennifer Lawrence’s nearly perfect performance.

The Alienist – Review Score 67%

The Alienist – Review

Alienist – a fake true story for $9 million per episode shot in Budapest, is a big departure from the tone and genre of procedural dramas TNT had served up before.