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International film studio could be built in Budakalász

International film studio could be built in Budakalász

An international film studio could be built near Budapest. Disney, Marvel, and Netflix already have their eye on it.

Preliminary plans include building a new film studio complex on a 26-hectare site in Hungary. The film studio would be built on the outskirts of Budakalász, near Lake Lupa, close to Lake Omszki and the Danube, in a green belt.

The studio would produce mainly American films with American partners. The investor would be Market Asset Management Zrt. and the municipality could decide in July whether to support the project.

The plan was submitted to Budakalász in April. The concept plan envisages a world-class complex of buildings that will be a dominant feature in the landscape,” according to a statement on the municipality’s website. “The investors want to realize a first-class project, one of the world’s most modern film studios in Budakalász”.

Two 2,500-square-metre complexes would be built on the site, with 4-4 studios and supporting buildings: offices, warehouses, workshops, restaurants, and four digital studios. According to the investors, the studio complex would not be an integral part of the city but would be built on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by a protective forest.

Road traffic would increase, but there would be no congestion, as filming usually takes 14-16 hours, with crews driving out early in the morning and late in the evening – always against rush hour traffic.

The studio would mainly produce American films with American partners. According to Napi.hu producers from Disney, Netflix, and Marvel have already expressed interest in the planned studio complex. However, Budakalász is not only planning to produce films, but also research and development activities related to the film industry.

Gábor Péterffy, chief of staff to the mayor of Budakalász, told Napi.hu that the residents of Budakalász will be consulted on the concept plan and the forthcoming installation study plan in the coming days. In light of this, a decision on the investment is expected to be made in July.

Although Hollywood has always been sensitive to LGBTQ+ rights – the Georgia incident is a perfect example – it seems that they are still planning to film in Hungary despite the current measures.

The country is full of wonderful locations and highly skilled filmmakers that even Hollywood can’t ignore, and most Hungarian film studios have expressed their solidarity with LGBTQ+ rights, including Origo Studios.

Moon Knight started production in Budapest in April, but big-budget films like Black Widow, Shadow and Bone, Gemini Man, Dune, and many more have been shot in Hungary.

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