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Will Moon Knight be the most violent MCU series yet?

Will Moon Knight be the most violent MCU series yet?

Moon Knight, filmed in Budapest, starring Oscar Isaac promises to be very bloody and violent. We’re going to explain the reasons behind that.

We have already reported what kind of martial arts and techniques will be used in the upcoming MCU “Moon Knight”, starring Oscar Isaac. Now let’s take a look at the details.

Moon Knight takes the violence to another level – Oscar Isaac training video breakdown

Based on the first footage of Marvel Studios‘ upcoming “Moon Knight” series coming to Disney+, the movie looks more cruel than any past shows. Marvel‘s “Moon Knight”, which was shot in Budapest, is going to be much more violent and brutal than the previous MCU series featured on Disney+. While the first footage of the upcoming series was brief, it’s already evident that “Moon Knight”‘s action will resemble more to Marvel‘s Netflix series such as “Daredevil” or “Punisher” rather than previous Disney+ shows such as “Loki” and “WandaVision”.

Created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin in 1975, Marvel Comics introduced mercenary Marc Spector, an ex-CIA operative who nearly died in the desert after being abandoned during a mission. Finding an ancient tomb, Spector believes that he was saved by the Egyptian moon god known as Khonshu. After his return home to New York, Spector chose to embrace his new status as Khonshu‘s Fist, serving as the god’s high priest and operating as the Moon Knight. While many think Spector is simply delusional (due to the existence of other personalities in his head), it is revealed in the comics that Khonshu is indeed real – despite Marc‘s dissociative identity disorder – and had chosen Marc as his agent.

With a divine call from his new god, Marc Spector‘s efforts of protecting the streets of New York often results in his all-white cape and cowl becoming red, stained with the blood of his foes – the same phenomenon will probably happen in the upcoming MCU adaptation. As an example, the first footage sees Moon Knight relentlessly beating an unseen opponent who seems to be already down in a destroyed and dimly lit bathroom, while other scenes reveal a bloody Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector. It seems that Marvel Studios intends to match the dark brutality and violence Moon Knight represents with a vigilante character who wears white so that his rivals can see him coming.

In terms of fight sequences, “Moon Knight” certainly provides higher standard as it features Marc Spector‘s brutal vengeance. It certainly seems as it will be more on par with similar street-level heroes such as Matt Murdock‘s “Daredevil” and/or Frank Castle‘s “Punisher” whose respective Netflix series equally broke ground with their increased levels of violence for a Marvel show.

Based on the footage so far, it does look that “Moon Knight” will be MCU‘s most aggressive series on Disney+, which should create a strong adaptation of his character overall.

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