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Will Covid-19 restrictions allow the stars to travel to France?

Will Covid-19 restrictions allow the stars to travel to France?

Europe welcomes the Americans but U.S. restrictions might cause complications for the return. Thierry Fremaux stated that restrictions should not be too onerous.

2021 Cannes official selection will be full of A-list stars, as president Pierre Lescure and general delegate Thierry Frémaux revealed the selection on Thursday. Among the titles in competition, Wes Anderson’s “The French Dispatch” — which was already revealed as getting its world premiere, having first planned to screen in 2020 — offers the director’s usual red carpet busting ensemble of stars, including Timothee Chalamet, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, Benicio Del Toro and Owen Wilson.

The selection competing for the Palme d’Or features some films anchored in COVID-19 times, with characters wearing face masks.

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However, festival president Lescure noted that U.S. restrictions that might add complications for the return leg of any Cannes trip.

“We, Europe, decided to welcome the Americans if they have the health pass, but we don’t know if the return will be as easy, as simple and as organised,” he said in the press conference. However, he suggested that U.S. President Joe Biden’s upcoming European visit, scheduled for later this month, “should help clarify things.” – said Fremaux.

Organisers of the world’s biggest film festival said on Thursday they were confident of being able to host dinners and beach screenings alongside the main competition as some COVID-19 measures are lifted in France. Usually held in May, the extravaganza was cancelled last year due to the pandemic, and will run between July 6 and 17 this year. While there will be no “kissing at the top of the red carpet”, restrictions should not be too onerous, festival director Thierry Fremaux said.

Cannes‘ organisers have long been at loggerheads with streaming giant Netflix, which produces its own films and has shown some at festivals, but has objected to strict French rules about giving films in competition a cinema release. Fremaux said two Netflix movies had been possible Cannes contenders, but no agreement had been reached on how to showcase them.

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