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Why ORIGO Studios is one of the greenest film studio in the world

Why ORIGO Studios is one of the greenest film studio in the world

Energy systems can have a significant impact on the environment. ORIGO Studios’ energy system maximizes efficiency while minimizing emissions.

We have asked environmental engineer Muhammad Imran Nawaz, Ph.D. to describe some of the advanced global trends in renewable energy and how ORIGO Studios fits into them.

Energy security

Despite the fact that today’s technologies are capable of significant generation, they lack cost-effective energy storage solutions. By proactively controlling consumer demand, effective and efficient energy storage allows for stable pricing. Energy is a key component of the sustainability problem in terms of social, economic, and environmental aspects. As a result, the transition to sustainable energy supplies and systems are linked to a variety of environmental, economic, and development needs.

The main determinants will be local renewable resources, installation costs, and policy framework. While global power demand and sustainable development are quickly increasing, energy policy goals based on energy mix, efficiency, market, and environmental standards should be developed to provide multiple adequate energy supplies to fulfill needs and renewable energy resources.

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ORIGO Studios is in a unique position, as the studio is located next to a waste incinerator, which allows for environmentally friendly operations, so the studio built a 2 steam heat exchanger heating unit on the FKF Waste Utilisation site.

The studio uses the steam generated by the waste incinerator located next to it. This thermal energy generated by the incinerator is circulated through a steam boiler with the help of heat exchangers to power their heating system. The thermal energy generated by the incinerator would be lost, but ORIGO Studios uses this steam to power their heating system. The thermal energy generated by the incinerator is circulated through a steam boiler with 2 heat exchangers, through a 250 DIN diameter pipe on the primary side, to the studio area, where the water is heated by the steam.

In the studio area, heat energy is transferred to the secondary side through 8 heat exchangers, where the heat is distributed to the ventilation system, the thermo fan, the radiator and the fan coil. The thermal energy will eventually reach its destination, warming up studios, offices and warehouses. This not only saves the energy lost but also protects the environment as well as saves extra cost that would be needed to generate energy if this alternative was not used.

Reducing air pollution

By reducing air pollutant emissions, switching to hydropower, wind energy, and solar energy can save up to seven million lives per year. Countries should strive to maintain the climate system, develop policies, and adopt relevant preventions as a result of energy-related environmental concerns and challenges. As a result, municipal air pollution rules should be enhanced and executed effectively and efficiently. Therefore, renewable energy systems should be adopted by nations to cope with the emission problems and save the natural environment.

origo studios, green, environment, thermal energy, technology

Emphasis on high technology industries

Industrial equipment based on the advanced technologies use less energy as compared to the outdated and old equipment. Emphasis should be given to use advanced technologies and equipment with high efficacy and less energy consumption. This trend is gaining attention rapidly and the industries are shifting their energy needs to the renewable energy sources. ORIGO Studios is also playing a vital role in this regard.

The primary heat centre at the FKF incinerator also generates electricity from waste incineration using steam turbines, which is fed back into the grid. Thus the electricity used by the studio is renewable energy, as it is produced in the incinerator. The studio also makes sure that the studio lighting uses as little energy as possible. The studio’s exterior lighting system will soon be replaced by LEDs instead of metal halide bulbs.

This is a big step forward as LED bulbs consume 85% less energy than halogen bulbs while emitting the same amount of light. Six out of the eight studios are already using LED lighting, with the remaining two scheduled to switch from metal halide to LED in the autumn. These LED upgrades will result in annual savings of 3-5 million HUF and energy savings.

In summer, the studio uses liquid air conditioners, these liquid conditioners work in the same way as other air conditioners, except that instead of liquid gas, they cool water, which is pumped to the fan coils and ventilation systems. When cooling, heat is generated on the gas side of the liquid conditioner, and this heat energy is used to produce hot water through a heat exchanger, so when cooling, the studio recycles this heat and produces hot water.

origo studios, green, environment, thermal energy, technology

Declining costs

Renewable energy production prices have decreased dramatically over the last two decades as a result of technological advances, exponential manufacturing development, and supply chain expertise. In the coming years, these costs will continue to reduce, making renewable energy projects more accessible to low-income countries.

Renewables’ dynamics and fundamentals will not alter in the long run; they will continue to decline. Renewables are, without a doubt, less expensive than fossil fuels, and this trend will continue in an increasing number of countries. Renewables will be less expensive than fossil fuel alternatives. However, cost reductions alone will not allow renewables to expand; they will need the correct policy framework to do so.


The worldwide energy trends and their potential consequences are discussed in detail, including supply and demand, energy access, the environment, and air pollution. Policies to accomplish long-term climate goals should be developed and implemented, and they will help to minimize air pollution and promote universal energy access. Renewable technologies are becoming the main choice in the energy market due to lowering costs and favorable government regulations. An innovative utility may opt to deliver renewable energy at a cheap and stable price.

Keeping in view these problems and difficulties in supplying the energy, renewable energy sources are the best solution. Therefore, the policies adopted by ORIGO Studios is very satisfactory, cost effective and environmentally friendly. They are protecting the environment by reducing the emissions and utilizing these emissions in a meaningful purpose which saves the extra cost.

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