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TOP 10 Best Shooting Locations in Hungary

TOP 10 Best Shooting Locations in Hungary

Hungary is full of beautiful places that make the perfect filming location. Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular places where foreign filmmakers go to shoot.

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“Crossed Swords”, “The Borgias”, “The Crown”, “Berlin Station”

Sopron, located near the Hungarian-Austrian border, boasts an almost untouched old town of medieval origin. The ancient streets and several monuments of the Castle District give a fabulous atmosphere not only to the town, but also the surrounding area, full of cultural and natural peculiarities. The town’s special atmosphere has been an irresistible lure to filmmakers for decades. We are letting you know now that if you shoot a historical film, Sopron will be a very strong venue option.

locations, filmmaking, Budapest, Sopron, Tata, Hungary


“Munich”, “Bel Ami”, “Houdini”, “Genius: Picasso”

The most elegant avenue in Hungary, an excellent match for the boulevards of Paris, Rome, or Vienna. When constructing its buildings, it was stipulated that one-fifth of the cost should be spent on the exterior. Hundreds of ornate palaces and villas along the avenue boost Budapest’s status as a metropolis. Here you will find the Hungarian State Opera House, and the first underground railway in continental Europe operates below its surface. The most spectacular urban road in the country. One of the most recommended routes for a sightseeing walk. It has provided a stately setting for many films, especially for driving scenes.

locations, filmmaking, Budapest, Sopron, Tata, Hungary


“Mata Hari”, “Evita”, “The Luzhin Defense”, “Gemini Man”

This is one of the largest and most popular spas in Budapest‘s world-famous spa culture. Water for its outdoor and indoor pools is supplied by several wells. The dome hall is decorated with frescoes and mosaics and the spacious, elegant corridors enhance the beauty of the building. The most spectacular part is perhaps the large outdoor pools. The spa is among crew members’ favorite leisure destinations on days off from filming. The motif of bathers playing chess in the outdoor pools has been featured in several films.

locations, filmmaking, Budapest, Sopron, Tata, Hungary


“I Spy”, “The Borgias”, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”, “Maigret”

One of the most characteristic sights is Buda Castle. Legend has it, that once upon a time, Danube fishermen sold fish caught from the river here. According to other sources, the fishermen were responsible for protecting this section of the castle. The luminous white limestone monument, which can be seen from many parts of the city, owes its magical atmosphere to the ornamentation evoking the conquering Hungarians, the elegant staircases, and the view offering a magnificent panorama. Those arriving on foot from the city are rewarded with a special atmosphere at the steps. The stairs to the Fisherman’s Bastion can often be seen as Paris in movies.

locations, filmmaking, Budapest, Sopron, Tata, Hungary


“The Borgias”, “Spy Who Dumped Me”, “Gemini Man”, “The Witcher”

A building complex constructed in 1896 for the millennium of Hungarian statehood, this site merges details of dozens of structures into a beautiful unit. The mix of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles gives the place a uniquely romantic atmosphere, in the middle of the most popular park in Budapest, Városliget. A creation of historical fantasy in an urban environment. Originally built for the Hungarian Millennial Exhibition, it is also a perfect historical backlot for filmmakers.

locations, filmmaking, Budapest, Sopron, Tata, Hungary


“I Spy”, “In Secret”, “12 Monkeys”, “Gemini Man”

The first stone bridge of the Hungarian capital, and the most famous structure in the country. It symbolically connects the elegant Buda and the bustling Pest. At the initiative of István Széchenyi, the “greatest Hungarian,” the British designed it and managed its construction. The bridge is a central element of the Danube panorama and a symbol of the city. It is the most photographed structure in the city. It attracts the eye approached from any direction, at all times of the day. The northern step of the Pest bridgehead, which leads to the Danube, is a particularly romantic place.

locations, filmmaking, Budapest, Sopron, Tata, Hungary


“Inferno”, “Atomic Blonde”, “Spy”, “Terminator: Dark Fate”

Built-in the middle of the twentieth century, this was the first state-of-the-art airport in the country. The proportionate exterior shape and spectacular interiors of the modernist building stand the test of time to this day. Nowadays, most international flights use Terminal 2, but the atmosphere of the renovated former Terminal 1 building has not lost anything of the unique romance of aviation. We could say that it has been used as a location from the basement to the attic, but the phrase “from the parking lot to the runway” makes more sense. An action filmmakers’ favorite.

locations, filmmaking, Budapest, Sopron, Tata, Hungary


“The Pillars of the Earth”, “Good”, “The Borgias”, “The Witcher”

The former royal castle is located in a beautiful natural environment, 65 kilometers from Budapest, on the shores of Lake Öreg (old lake) in the town of Tata. The history of the fortress dates back to the fourteenth century. The monument, which bears a mixture of different ages and styles, is a fascinating example of the harmony of built heritage and nature. KomáromEsztergom county boasts one of the highest numbers of filming locations in Hungary. Located in the heart of the region, the magical castle is the cinematic center of the area.

locations, filmmaking, Budapest, Sopron, Tata, Hungary


“The Luzhin Defense”, “Einstein, and Eddington”, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”, “Inferno”

Built-in the most beautiful era of the railway construction fever, the classic main railway station is the largest one in the country. It is an excellent center of the Hungarian railway infrastructure with its huge central hall, monumental façade, and ornate waiting rooms. A large number of international and domestic trains arriving here, two metro lines, plenty of buses, trolley-buses, and trams make the railway station and its surroundings the busiest transport hub in the country. Steam locomotives and contemporary wagons often run into the giant train station from the nearby train museum for filming. It is a bustling Babel that filmmakers can turn into a huge live railroad studio.

locations, filmmaking, Budapest, Sopron, Tata, Hungary


“Last Run”, “Fleming”, “Strike Back”, “Blade Runner 2049”

The irregular oval square is one of the most spectacular parts of Budapest. In addition to its huge trees reminiscent of a park, space is dominated by grandiose palaces. The monumental, scenic atmosphere is enhanced by a series of historical sculptures and monuments erected on the square. The elegant neighborhood is one of the favorite venues for American filmmakers. Moreover, the US Embassy and the statue of Ronald Reagan are located here. No longer are we surprised that Reagan, a Hollywood actor, became President of the United States.

Of course, there are plenty other options where filmmakers can shoot, for example, the Bálna in Budapest or the Selim-Cave in Tatabánya.

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