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The 24-year-old Tom Holland has revealed how he makes himself look as young as Peter Parker

The 24-year-old Tom Holland has revealed how he makes himself look as young as Peter Parker

Basically, one of the biggest problems of playing teenage characters is that if you want to „franchise” their story, you have to act relatively quickly, because unlike the timeline of movies, time passes in the real world, meaning actors also age (for example Harry Potter movies or Stranger Things).

Of course, you can move on like the original Spider-Man trilogy, meaning that it continued the story, with its protagonist growing up, but there are so many great stories from the school years that it is sometimes worth cheating a little.

And in this case, Tom Holland and his genetic abilities also contribute greatly to the „fraud”, as the current Spider-Man is a convincing teenager, even at the age of 24. With a little math, it is easy to calculate that he was around 20 at the time of his first MCU appearance. If all goes well, we can still see the English actor as Spider-Man for a long time.

In his next film, Cherry, he will have a slightly more serious role and seeing the preview, his portrayal has a whole different impact than Spider-Man does. A reporter from The Los Angeles Times asked what exactly his secret is:

“Physicality for me is the biggest way I try to distinguish between the characters that I play,” – added Holland. “If you look at Peter Parker, he’s very bubbly, and I do this thing where I leave my arms really loose. It gives him this juvenile, kid-like physicality. With Cherry, cracking his physicality was the biggest part of making this character come to life.”

Spider-Man, Tom Holland

The fact that the actor received gymnastics training and danced a lot at a young age helped him a great deal. This also resulted in being at ease with his body and in a way communicate throughout his movements. This is especially necessary in the case of Spider-Man, who is seen in a mask for a significant part of the playing time.

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