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SZFE student’s film competing on Oscar-qualifying Moscow Film Festival

SZFE student’s film competing on Oscar-qualifying Moscow Film Festival

Annabella Schnabel’s SZFE diploma film, My Mother’s Cat, has been selected for the short film competition program of the A-category Moscow International Film Festival.

The main character of “My Mother’s Cat” is a man dressed as a half cat, half bat who applies for the job opportunity of his dreams – announced the film.hu.

The Oscar-qualifying Moscow Film Festival will be held from April 22-29, 2021, with Schnabel Annabella’s work featured in the short film program. The film was also nominated by the creators for the Cinéfondation Foundation.

According to the story of “My Mother’s Cat,” Félix in her thirties, lives with her mother. His life, on the other hand, starts to change radically when he gets the job of his dream, which he can do in his own furry costume. The man slowly breaks away from maternal oppression — and although his conflicts intensify — eventually begins to live independently.

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Annabella Schnabel attended Péter Gothár and Mihály Schwechtje MA class of film director at the University of Theater and Film Arts. The main characters of the diploma film are Attila Fritz and Ági Máhr, but Krisztina Urbanovits, Judit Csoma and Kati Andai, Mihály Csernai, Lili Erdős, Henrik Nagy and Györgyné Czeiter also play other important roles.

The cinematographer of the film was Gergely Vajda, who was a student of the MA department of the cinematographer by János Vecsernyés and Frigyes Marton. The producers of “My Mother’s Cat” were Csaba Pék and Miklós Bosnyák, produced by Filmkontroll with the support of NFI.

Photos: Filmkontroll

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