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Szeged turned into Madrid due to an American crime series

Szeged turned into Madrid due to an American crime series

Spanish national flags have appeared in a major Hungarian city, which is exceptionally not Budapest. Szeged was overrun by special agents!

Red-yellow-red flags shop portals with Spanish signs and street name signs – these are the things you see when you wander into Klauzál Square, Széchenyi Square, or some of the surrounding streets in Szeged these days. At the Capella café, you could buy breakfast or cappuccino in €, according to the sign, and the breakfast was advertised with the words “prubebe nuestro desayuno”.

Streets were also renamed, for example, Klauzal Square became Puerta del Sol, one of Madrid’s famous squares, but the changes could go on. We have not become a Spanish colony, there is just a large-scale TV shoot in the center of Szeged. The newspaper also found out that the filming of “FBI: International” is taking place in the southern Hungarian city.

It will be one of the new CBS series produced by CBS. “FBI: International” will be a spinoff of the FBI series directed by Dick Wolf, which will be shown from 2018. In it, we’ll follow the FBI’s efforts to thwart threats against the United States in Europe and around the world through its headquarters in Budapest.

According to Szegeder, some Hungarian locations have already been used for filming, for example, the airport in Tököli was sold to New York and a fish pond near Biatorbágy was reportedly used as a beach. According to the website, nearly a hundred extras also took part in one of the Szeged shootings, which they were able to see.

Some of them were even interviewed and were known to be seen in “FBI: International”. The series will debut on September 21 this year, and viewers will be able to follow how threats against the US are being thwarted in Europe and around the world through the FBI’s headquarters in Budapest. A trailer for the series was released back in May, and apparently, there is no European location apart from some stock footage.

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