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Saint Seiya – Knights of Zodiac filming in Hungary?

Saint Seiya – Knights of Zodiac filming in Hungary?

There are rumors that the live-action version of “Saint Seiya – Knights of Zodiac” will be filmed in Hungary. IMDb reported Hungarian crew members in the crew. 

“Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac”, the film live-action based on the masterpiece Masami Kurumada was first announced in 2016. In April Tomek Baginski, the director in charge of the adaptation revealed some details on the production to the Polish press that have only recently been reported by specialized sites on the famous series.

The film script has been completed and the cast was almost completely chosen; unfortunately, the pandemic has slowed plans to begin filming by the end of last year.

As for the special effects, the Polish studio will take care of it Platige Image known for the visual effects of the Netflix series “The Witcher”.

Recall that the film is currently scheduled for 2022. Diretto da Tomasz (Tomek) Bagiński, “Saint Seiya – The Knights of the Zodiac” is an international co-production between Toei Animation and A Really Good Film Company (ARGF). Kwok Team of the Convergence Entertainment, Miguel Faura and Kozo Morishita (president of Toei Animation) are the executive producers together with the maestro Masami Kurumada, author of the original manga.

The cast will be international and will include Alex Pettyfer (Hyoga of the Swan), Jake T. Austin (Seiya of Pegasus), Remy Hii (Shiryu of the Dragon), and Mackenyu (Shun of Andromeda). Famke Janssen, the Jean Gray of the films of “X-Men”, confirmed his presence in the film in a role not yet disclosed. After the announcement of the cast, the website of the live adaptation- action has announced the staff members who will take care of the visual effects, choreography, and special effects.

Vi-Dan Tran joined the film’s staff in June as choreographer of the action scenes. He is a martial arts expert and since 2016 he has been part of Jackie Chan’s stunt team, not to mention that he participated in the “Shang-Chi” movie and “The Legend of the Ten Rings”. She will work on “Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac”.

Bettina Szremkó is a 3D and visual effects artist, she has been working on the film as an independent professional since June. Next to Szremkó, there are four other Hungarian crew-members Jonathan Halperyn (co-producer), Daniel Kresmery (co-producer), Szandra Barbara Pozsár (line producer), Gábor Csöge (production manager), so it would be a great bet that the movie will be shot in Hungary.

Ron Simonson has been working on special effects for “Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac” since January and will be collaborating on the film for seven months. He also participated in Species, “Dragonheart 2: A new adventure”, and “Angels in America”.

Little is known about the plot and the general production of the live-action but, taking into account that all of them are working on the film in Budapest, it is likely that part of the shooting will take place in the Hungarian capital city.


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