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Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke Spotted in Budapest – cameras rolling from next week

Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke Spotted in Budapest – cameras rolling from next week

Based on unconfirmed sources, Moon Knight is starting principal photography on Monday, next week in Budapest. Last Saturday morning, the reporter of a local television channel, also a Marvel fan, managed to stumble across the show’s two leads on a walk on Margaret island, the popular green area of Budapest.


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Kevin Feige mentioned cameras would roll on the project in early April.

The project will be an episodic series that will air on Disney+ sometime around in 2022, according to sources. The project will be directed by Mohamed Diab, an Egyptian director previously known for cult hits such as Clash (2016) and Cairo 6, 7, 8 (2010).

The series will follow protagonist Marc Spector who is a former boxer and marine, current mercenary. After suffering a betrayal and almost death, he is helped by the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu. He spends all of his money that he accumulated over the years with Mercenary work, to become the Moon Knight, an avatar of Khonshu and champion of Justice.

The protagonist; Mark Spector aka Moon Knight will be played Egyptian-American actor Oscar Isaac. While Ethan Hawke and May Calamawy have also been cast. Hawke is said to play the main villain.

Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige has stated that this series will merely be an introduction the character. Moon Knight’s role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be further expanded upon with cameos and collaborations with the rest of the characters going forward.

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