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No popcorn, no movies but cinemas are open

No popcorn, no movies but cinemas are open

Hungarian cinemas reopen, but there is no staff to run the show. They will likely lose a huge part of their audience mostly, because of the new age limitation.

Cinemas will reopen in Hungary, when the number of vaccinated people reaches 4 million, which is expected to be on the 30th of April 2021. In order to enter cinemas, people will need to possess an immunity certificate. Those individuals won’t have to wear masks, while for the staff this is still compulsory. For those who are under 18 can only visit the cinema, if they’re accompanied by vaccinated adults.

This can cause problems, because let’s be honest, we can hardly imagine teenagers going to the cinema with their mom and dad. This could be a huge loss in audience, since the upcoming Marvel movies’ fanbase is exactly between 16 and 24.

Six cinemas of Budapest Film are ready for business, however Hungary’s biggest cinema chain Cinema City needs more time for preparations. The cinema industry was hit hard by the pandemic and Cinema City was no exception, thousands of workers left the company. Now, although cinemas can finally reopen, Cinema City will have to recruit the staff they lost due to COVID-19.

To wrap it up, cinemas in Hungary can reopen but preparations and hiring new employees will take time. The other issue is that a large part of the audience, mostly teenagers, won’t want to go to cinema with mandatory supervision.

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