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Netflix spends 17 billion on content in 2021

Netflix spends 17 billion on content in 2021

Netflix revealed that it will spend over $17 billion on content this year, which is over 4 billion more than it was last year.

“As we’ve noted previously, the production delays from Covid-19 in 2020 will lead to a 2021 slate that is more heavily second half weighted with a large number of returning franchises,” told the company in its letter to shareholders.

When it comes to locations, Netflix is giving the thumbs up to Hungary. The country has paid host to a number of stunning streamers on the premium subscription service, resulting in it being one of the most frequently used real world locations for the media giant in recent years.

Directed by the legendary Michael Bay, Six Underground was shot in Budapest during the Summer of 2018.

If Orcs and Elves are more your bag, cult fantasy series The Witcher starring Henry Cavill, and headed by showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, has made great use of fantastically gorgeous locations in Hungary such as Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest, and the spectacular Tata Castle, which both added a sense of ancient spectacle to this high budget show.

Science Fiction is no stranger (thing) to Netflix, and when it comes to decimating an entire city on a big budget, Budapest delivers as a more than adequate location for this feat in Spectral.

The last feature film produced in Budapest by Netflix was Anthony Mackie’s new movie Outside the Wire, which debuted worldwide on Netflix on January 15th, 2021. This new action flick, is directed by Mikael Håfström (“Escape Plan”). The majority of scenes were actually filmed in Hungary with a large chunk of the movie utilising Budapest as the centre.

“And while the roll out of vaccines is very uneven across the world, we are back up and producing safely in every major market, with the exception of Brazil and India. Assuming this continues, we’ll spend over $17 billion in cash on content this year and we’ll continue to deliver an amazing range of titles for our members with more originals this year than last” – Netflix letter to shareholders told.

Despite what felt like unending uncertainty, production permits slowly began to be reissued between March and June before the eventual reopening of production in August. But what awaited Hollywood production teams was a challenge far more complex than cancellation — keeping cast and crew safe from the heavily contagious Coronavirus.

Judit Romwalter, producer, CEO of the Sparks said that they continue the work as before. They already have a strict COVID protocol in the company, as they use FFP2 masks everywhere, hand sanitizers and keep the 1,5-meter distance from each other. They also ask the colleagues to stay at home if their position allows it. “In our rental part we take the disinfecting even more serious.” – she said.

Netflix’s fantasy drama series, “Shadow and Bone,” based on author Leigh Bardugo’s trilogy of the same name and “Six of Crows” duology, which will premiere on April 23, was shot just before the COVID outbrake in 2020 in Budapest at ORIGO Studios.

“At the time, the pandemic started rising, “Shadow&Bone“ was just finished, so they could wrap in time and leave by schedule.” – was told us by Origo Studios.

It seems Netflix is back to running smoothly again after the impacts of COVID-19, and subscribers can only hope it continues as they expect more exciting originals, sequels, and new releases than ever before.

Source: Variety

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