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Moon Knight – Production ongoing in Hungary, details of Ethan Hawke’s character possibly revealed

Moon Knight – Production ongoing in Hungary, details of Ethan Hawke’s character possibly revealed

Marvel’s Moon Knight, which is suspected to air on Disney+ in 2022 starring Oscar Isaac as the lead Marc Spector, Ethan Hawke and May Calamawy is currently under production in Hungary, in a small town called Szentendre near the capital city of Budapest. The whole main square of Szentendre has been locked down for the past few days, with traffic restrictions in place so the production is not disturbed by any means.

One of our contacts was lucky enough to spot Ethan Hawke on set, dressed in a brown tweed suit/blazer with a walking cane in his hand (the cane is not visible on the picture). The actor was channeling his “mad scientist” look with his long, greyish let out hair which got us thinking – who could be the four-time Academy nominee actor playing in the show?

Ethan Hawke Moon Knight on set picture

Ethan Hawke in costume on set of Marvel’s Moon Knight in Szentendre, Hungary (c) Budapest Reporter

Now this is just pure speculation at this point, but based on the actor’s look we have two guesses:

Since it was previously reported that Hawke will play an adversary for Isaac’s Moon Knight, he can turn out to be actually playing Dracula, further tying up the show with the upcoming Blade movie, starring two-time Academy winner Mahershala Ali.

The other character he might end up playing with that look is Bertrand Crawley, one of Jake Lockley’s (Marc’s cab driver alter-ego, focusing on street-level crimes) main ally and informant. But even though the described look definitely fits that character, Crawley was never really a villain for Moon Knight, which contradicts the previously reported information. Although there were some precedents when Crawley was controlled by the Egyptian god Khonshu to further manipulate Marc, so anything can happen.

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