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Moon Knight is expected to begin shooting in March

Moon Knight is expected to begin shooting in March

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight has two additional directors, Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, known for the indie sci-fi horror movies Synchronic and The Endless. The Egyptian director, Mohamed Diab has been announced earlier, who will also be helming a sizable number of episodes of the series.

Oscar Isaac is set to take on the role of Moon Knight in the series, the story of which will focus on Marc Spector, a character who has multiple different alter egos including millionaire Steven Grant and cab driver Jake Lockley. These alter egos may or may not be separate, alternate personalities, and the same may be true of Khonshu, the Egyptian deity who is either guiding Spector through his costumed adventures or a figment of Spector’s imagination. Most recently, the character was a consultant who dresses in all-white and goes by the name Mr. Knight.

Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin and appeared in the August 1975 issue Werewolf by Night #32. Jeremy Slater (The Umbrella Academy) and Beau DeMayo (The Originals and The Witcher) writing the series. Gregory Middleton (Final Girl, Watchmen, Game of Thrones) and Stefania Cella (Morbius) signing on as the series’ cinematographer and production designer, respectively.

The Moon Knight series is also rumored to tie into Marvel’s Blade movie, and Werewolf by Night, Stained Glass Scarlet, and Dracula could be involved with the story as well.

The show is expected to begin shooting in Budapest starting in March.

“We’re doing a Marvel project, which, for the usual security reasons, I can’t talk about,” said Adam Goodman, head of MidAtlantic Films, Hungary’s leading production services provider to The Hollywood Reporter earlier. “We’re basically fully booked for the coming cycle, until the summer, which, hopefully, will be the last cycle of shows we have to do under COVID-19 protocols.”

Hungary was quick to introduce high-level protective measures to ensure the safety of returning cast and crew. The protocols, including regular mandatory testing and tiered “bubble” systems to isolate crew members to limit viral spread, are now standard across most of the film industry. – The Hollywood Reporter reported in January.

What set Hungary apart was the speed at which local studios became “COVID-19 conform” and the unfettered support they received from the national government.

Origo Studios was the first in Europe (and maybe the world) who introduced an effective anti-COVID protocol with heavy investment in infrastructure and human resources made it clear, that every production can be finished in time here,” says Mihaly Toth of the Origo Film Group, which installed a private COVID testing laboratory on location and contracted with a private local hospital to exclusively treat any infected crew members.

When the European Union in June banned non-EU citizens from traveling to the continent, the Hungarian government quickly introduced exemptions for U.S. cast and crew.

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