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Marvel has announced one of Moon Knight’s enemies, Midnight Man

Marvel has announced one of Moon Knight’s enemies, Midnight Man

A new member joins the Moon Knight team. The title character, played by Oscar Isaac, is joined by French model and actor Gaspard Ulliel

Another villain for Marvel and Disney+‘s “Moon Knight series has been revealed as Midnight Man thanks to Gaspard Ulliel‘s talent agency listing page. Set for release sometime in 2022, “Moon Knight” stars Oscar Isaac as the titular hero AKA Marc Spector.

After being approached by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu during a botched mission, Marc Spector is imbued with superhuman abilities and the gift of a second chance at life.Moon Knight currently does not have a release date, but filming on the show is underway in Hungary, in Budapest.

Ethan Hawke will play one of Moon Knight‘s villains, and May Calamawy has also reportedly been cast in an undisclosed role. Hamilton Hodell, the British agency website (spotted on Reddit and highlighted by The Direct/MurphysMultiverse) of French actor Gaspard Ulliel (“Brotherhood of The Wolf”, “Hannibal: Rising”, “A Very Long Engagement”) lists him as part of the cast of Moon Knight, as they mention he’ll be playing Marvel Comics villain Anton Mogart aka Midnight Man.

Little else is known about the series, but Isaac has teased Moon Knight as a wild show. Long seen as Marvel’s answer to “Batman”, Moon Knight is a street-level crimefighter who also invested his money to make millions to help him hide his secret identity.

In the comics, Midnight Man (real name Anton Mogart) is an art thief and adversary to Moon Knight after Marc Spector stops him from stealing art and sends him into the sewers nearly dead. It is here where Midnight Man becomes obsessed with revenge against Moon Knight and he eventually dies in his quest, but not before training his son, who eventually takes on the alias Midnight.

It’ll be interesting to see what the MCU version of the character will look like as Marvel Studios are known to take liberties when it comes to villain characters. We’re also expecting to see another known French actor land the role of Marc Spector’s pal Jean-Paul Duchamp aka Frenchie.

Ulliel may be best known for his role as Hannibal Lecter in 2007’s Hannibal Rising”, but the French actor is relatively unknown to American audiences. However, he has been nominated for 17 – mostly french, but he has a lot of international nominees as well– Awards, and he won 7 of them.

How large his role will be in Moon Knight remains unclear, but Disney+‘s Marvel series are no strangers to having multiple villains. “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” had several, including the Power Broker, Baron Zemo, John Walker, and the Flag Smashers. Similarly, Loki had Ravonna Renslayer, the Time-Keepers, Alioth, and, eventually, He Who Remains AKA Kang.

Moon Knight may have Midnight Man serve as a low-level villain to Marc Spector, one that could introduce the character‘s crimefighting abilities before he goes on to face Hawke‘s main antagonist. Midnight Man could also serve to set up Midnight, another adversary to Marc Spector, for future seasons.

However Ulliel‘s role shakes out, it will be interesting to see how “Moon Knight” fits into the larger MCU in terms of both Marc Spector as a character and the darker tone the series is sure to have.

Source: TheRonin, ScreenRant

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