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Made in Hungary – Gemini Man

Made in Hungary – Gemini Man

They say that creators are always looking for places that are worth getting to know and discover. Around the world, directors and moviemakers are looking for „THE” location. That is why the Hungarian capital, Budapest is getting more frequently chosen as a primary location for filming. Gemini Man (2019), an American sci-fi movie, which was directed by Ang Lee, is a movie in which Budapest was a key location as well. 


The filming of the movie started in February 2018 in Glennville, GA, USA. The crew came to Hungary in May 2018 and started working inside Budapest’s famous Széchenyi Bath. After weeks of shooting, directors were amazed by the beauty of the city and took over Gellérthegy to record several scenes. Jerry Bruckheimer, who is one of the producers of the movie said in a press conference, that Budapest originally was going to „act” as Paris.


 The versatility of the city is extraordinary. By watching the movie, one can see wonderful spectacles that show an amazing view of Budapest. The movie was presented for the first time in Hungary, before the world premiere. Will Smith, the role character of the movie, is in love with the country. So much, that he stayed for a while, even after the movie was done.


For Hungarians, this movie is a really important one. The Hungarian Tourism Agency said in its statement that: „This is an important and outstanding opportunity for us. The international media-attention that comes with the movie is really good for Hungary. Finally, we can show the world, how beautiful Budapest is and that we are good hosts.”

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