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István Szabó’s film shines at Balkan Panorama Film Festival

István Szabó’s film shines at Balkan Panorama Film Festival

Final Report won the Best Film award at Turkey’s Balkan Panorama Film Festival. The festival, in its 7th year, was held from September 27 to October 3 with the participation of 16 countries.

The Oscar-winning director of “Mephisto”, István Szabó, has reunited after a long hiatus with Klaus Maria Brandauer, Károly Eperjes and Lajos Koltai, the most important contributors of his world famous films.

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Scene from Final Report

The protagonist of “Final Report” is Professor Stephanus, a renowned cardiologist who unexpectedly retires. Not yet ready to give up his career, the doctor returns to his home village and starts working as a general practitioner.

He is then reunited with his childhood sweetheart and best friend but his past catches up to him as he becomes involved in petty, harmful political battles. He is forced to learn that the only way to deal with the ghosts of the past is to face them head on.

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