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Hungary – facing a lockdown

Hungary – facing a lockdown

Kindergartens and primary schools will be closed until April 7, Gergely Gulyás, Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, announced today. He also informed that “the stores will be closed from March 8 to March 22.” Exceptions to this will be pharmacies, grocery stores, drugstores and gas stations.

At the same time, Gulyás assessed positively that vaccination is progressing well in the country, according to him Hungary will soon be the most vaccinated country within the Union, however, the current restrictions are needed because the spread of the virus cannot be curbed otherwise.

“The government has made the most important decisions. The numbers are clear; the trend is increasing. The third wave is stronger than the second.”– said Gulyás.

He added that all services will be suspended until March 22nd. Private health care will be an exception.

“If we did not close now, the restart would also be delayed. We need to make this move now so that we can reopen as soon as possible.” – said Gergely Gulyás Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office

Gulyás also said:

  • parks may remain open
  • where possible, move to a home office
  • tighten border crossings
  • wage subsidies will be extended to sectors that now need to be closed
  • digital education remains in secondary schools and higher education institutions.

Re-opening – March 22

Gergely Gulyás said that according to their plans, the scheduled opening can start after March 22nd, if the daily infection numbers fall as a result of the measures.

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