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Hungary dusts down its cinemas

Hungary dusts down its cinemas

The winning films at the Berlinale and the Venice Film Festival were screened at the Time To Go Cinema Festival in Hungary.

22 cinemas dusted off their seats to welcome movie lovers again, after a difficult year of restrictions due to the pandemic. The attendees had to bring their covid immunity certificate with them to access the rooms. The audience were lucky enough to see the award winning films before their national premiere.

“We ask the public to attend our screenings with a mask. It is our choice, it is not mandatory, but we did a survey among our audience and the overwhelming majority said they would feel more comfortable with a mask, so that is why we announced the premiere” explains Zsuzsanna Deák, Cirko-Gejzír Cinema worker to Euronews.

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Never Gonna Snow Again

The Fresh Meat Festival (fresh meat, in Spanish) has also scheduled its last screening of short films at the Toldi Cinema for this weekend. As the name suggests, it offers a platform for young and emerging directors to show their best to the industry and the public. The festival, originally scheduled for March, has been postponed until the end of May due to Covid; this year’s motto is: “Life is short.”

“Who knows what will happen to the world, so we thought we would put this question to use to suggest that every minute we have we should use it to do things that are worthwhile, such as watching these wonderful films, which have interesting, creative and exciting content. Life is too short to see bad movies and here there are only good movies,“ said Deák Dániel, the festival director.

The most exciting, movies were “Never Gonna Snow Again”, “A People Upstairs” and “Supernova”, starring Colin Firth, and Stanley Tucci.

Festival organizers hope that the old magic of cinema will return to theaters. For now they celebrate that Cinema City, the largest chain of cinemas in Hungary reopens next Thursday.

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