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Hungarian developers Space Jam game is better than the official

Hungarian developers Space Jam game is better than the official

The unofficial site of our childhood favorite, Space Jam, features a Hungarian-developed game.

“Space Jam: A New Beginning” is coming soon, in which Michael Jordan is replaced by LeBron James as the basketball player of the characters in the “Loony Tunes”, and the trailer suggests a really spectacular and entertaining movie.

Many people will probably remember 1996’s “Space Jam”, starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, as one of their fondest childhood memories.

The movie was a lot of fun back then, but it’s since gotten a bit stale, so it’s time for a new generation to get to know the wacky characters of “Loony Tunes”, who are now going to help one of America’s most popular basketball players.

LeBron James is the hero of “Space Jam: New Beginnings”, in which the only way to get his son back, kidnapped by Don Cheadle, is to win one of the strangest basketball games of all time, where his teammates are Bugs Bunny and friends – and almost every character in existence will be there to cheer on the fans, including the Joker, King Kong, and Yogi Bear.

Based on the trailer, it looks like it could be the most spectacular film of the year, as Malcolm D. Lee (“Scary Movie 5”) has gone out of his way to make sure that old fans are not disappointed, while also thinking about new fans.

The humor is almost certain to be painfully idiotic, but in return, it’s a nice bit of nostalgia, so there’s plenty to look forward to in this half-animated, half-live “Space Jam: A New Beginning”.

After nearly 25 years, the iconic Spacejam.com website has been renewed too. Several entertaining news portals reported on it, but it seems that a more interesting website than that has appeared on the horizon. Notably an unofficial “Space Jam” site.

The website and game were created by a creative IT company of “Space Jam” Fans. The game presents a practice planet in the Space Jam universe where you can throw a basketball, with multipliers, and aim to throw as many points as possible in a given time.

We have to say it became exciting, which is perfect for tuning in to “Space Jam”. The game has already caught Lebron’s attention, and some users say it is more entertaining than the official ones.

The Hungarian-based developers made it out of love for fans and already have a base of many thousands of players from all over the world. They want to contribute to the success of the film in their underground way, which is intended as a gift for the filmmakers and fans as well.



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