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Hungarian Actors – TOP 5 Actresses, who succeeded in foreign movies

Hungarian Actors – TOP 5 Actresses, who succeeded in foreign movies

Some of them didn’t even finish school, and some, as adults, have decided that it is time to make their dreams come true and to try their luck in the film industry. Learning from their example and success, it might not really hurt to take a risk sometimes. Here are five Hungarian actresses, who have already shown their talents to the whole wide world.


Kata Dobó

Dobó Kata left Hungary after her freshmen year of the School of Theater and Film to learn acting in Hollywood. Her first American role was in 2001 in the movie 15 Minutes, starring Robert De Niro. Originally, she applied for the main female role, but her English wasn’t the greatest, so she got a couple of seconds in the movie. She got a more important role in 2003 in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, but she even filmed with Steven Segal and Dolph Lundgren too. Her biggest disappointment came at the casting of Troy (2004) when she and Diane Krüger were the last two for the role of Helen, but the latter one got the job.


Dorka Gryllus

Berlin has been the second home for a long time for Dorka Gryllus since she did not receive any contracts at home, she decided that she will try her luck elsewhere. She has already worked with German director Rolf Schübel before, and thanks to him, Dorka has played in several foreign productions. She was a part of the notorious series, Cobra 11, in which she didn’t apply for the job, she still got a part. She was working and singing in Germany for several years, and the producers of the series approached her with the job.


Andrea Osvárt

At age 22, Andrea decided, that now it is high time that she fulfills her dream. Leaving her modeling career behind, she moved to Rome, so she can be an actress. With persistent and purposeful work, she became the main female role in several Italian and international productions. Back in the day, she was in 3-4 movies every year. People could see her in the Transporter series, or the movie Aftershock (2012) too, where several superstars, Robert Redford, Bratt Pitt, Heath Ledger, Jeremy Irons appeared.


Zsa Zsa Gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hungarian Golden Globe Award-Winner actress, model, one of Hollywood’s sex symbols. She is more often referred to in the „celebrity” category, as she was not only famous for her beauty and acting talent but also her scandals. She was arrested, for example. Not to mention, she was married nine times. In 2002, Zsa Zsa suffered a car accident, which forced her into a wheelchair. Unfortunately, she later had a stroke and then doctors had to amputate her right leg from the knee down, due to an infection. She lived for nearly 100 years, dying in 2016 in Los Angeles.


Vilma Bánky

Hungarian actress, Vilma Bánky had almost whole Hollywood being in love with her. She was hailed as “The Hungarian Rhapsody” and was an immediate hit with American audiences. Although her acting career began in Budapest, and she later worked in France, Austria, and Germany, Bánky was best known for her roles in the American films The Eagle and The Son of the Sheik with Rudolph Valentino and several romantic teaming with Ronald Colman. She married actor Rod La Rocque in 1927; they remained married until his death in 1969. The couple had no children. Bánky died on 18 March 1991, from cardiopulmonary failure, aged 90, but notice of her death was not made public until the following year. She was reportedly upset that no one had come to visit her in her last years and directed her lawyer to make no mention of her death.

For her contributions to the film industry, Bánky received a motion pictures star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960.

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