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From the silver screen to the golden cage: Meghan Markle’s last feature film is about taking the right path

From the silver screen to the golden cage: Meghan Markle’s last feature film is about taking the right path

The story always repeats. Just as it happened to the icon of fashion and cinema Grace Kelly, Meghan’s life was also marked by a path of filmic life. Today we all know her as the Duchess of Sussex, wife of Duke Henry, but she was and still is so much more.

“Anti-Social,” 2015, the audio-visual product in analysis, was the last film in which she took part. After that experience, her acting career stopped. But who was Meghan before? Being an important personality of this film and of the gossip world, it is essential to know her before going into the analysis of the film.

Meghan Markle – From actress to duchess

Born in 1981, in 2003 Meghan graduated at the Northwestern University in Theatre and International Studies. After some cameos in TV shows like “General Hospital” and “Dr. House”, her first film role arrives. It’s 2005 and Meghan is only 24 years old and she is hired for a film by Nigel Cole: “A Lot Like Love”. After that, five years will pass from her next film: “Remember Me” with Robert Pattinson.

In the TV world she continues to work without interruptions and in 2011 comes the most important role for her. In that year Meghan participates in the TV series “Suits”, where she takes part in 108 episodes. It is a decade of milestones and surprises, because in 2016 her relationship with the Prince was revealed. After the engagement Meghan decides to leave the set behind. In 2018 she gets married and, if you follow the gossip world, she is always in the spotlight.

Meghan Markle, Anti-Social, actress

Anti-Social – How to take the right path


Although Meghan does not have such an important screen time in the film, it is incredible as it can even talk about her. About her life in which she had to make an important decision. The protagonists of “Anti-Social” are also at this fundamental crossroads.

Dee is an anarchist and anti-system street artist; Marcus a jewellery robber who has scored a series of spectacular hits. The two are blood brothers, loyal to the family and their gang: but the possibility of entering the London art scene for Dee, and the fortunes accumulated by Marcus, begin to divert them from the path of organized crime. But a gang war is about to break out in the English capital, and the two men will have to follow their fate.

Directed by Reg Traviss, the film hides a sensitive issue under a layer of violence and a lawful crime drama. All your life, society and your bad choices have given you a role. It can be glued to you and never come off again. However, there could be another life for Dee, equally rich of insecurities, but legal and healthy. For us spectators who witness such a criminal life, told in a very raw way in the film, it may seem so obvious the choice to move away from that role.

Perhaps, we usually forget that being part of a gang means being part of a family. A community where you know your tasks, you know what to expect. Meghan didn’t know anything about the princely world, yet she took that road. She followed what her head and definitely her heart told her.

Meghan Markle, Anti-Social, actress

“Anti-Social” has been produced in Budapest, Hungary, at ORIGO Studios

Origo Studios in Budapest with 8 large soundstages, 2 smaller TV sound stages, and a green screen stage has been a filming location for Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner 2049” starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, also “Dune” with Timothée Chalamet and an ensemble cast. Also Netflix’s “The Witcher” with Henry Cavill and for “Terminator – Dark Fate” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

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