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Can the Golden Globes be Replaced?

Can the Golden Globes be Replaced?

Cancel culture is a term that has become common language in the 2020s. People and events have been canceled for reasons ranging from inappropriate behavior, to racist remarks, to lack of diversity.

One of the most notable falls from cancel culture is the popular award show, the Golden Globes. The 2022 Golden Globes have officially been canceled and its future is unknown. This is because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has enabled unethical policies and committed to a group of journalists with no diversity. Understanding the “why” isn’t as important anymore as considering “what’s next?”

The Golden Globes is the award show that kicks off the award season. Though it’s not impossible, other award shows will have to up their game to be considered just as worthy, if not better, than the Golden Globes. One such show that is aiming to take the Golden Globes spot is the Critic’s Choice Award.

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However, the usual location for the Golden Globes is at the Beverly Hilton. As of right now, the chair of Dick Clark productions (which also produces the Golden Globes) is financially associated with the Beverly Hilton, preventing the location from hosting the Critics Choice Awards.

Another option to replace the Golden Globes are the Guild Awards. Many times, the Guild Awards help predict who will end up being the Oscars nominees and winners. That being said, the show does not have as strong of a hold as the Critics Choice Awards or the Golden Globes. They do not have a high enough profile to host a major network Award show. However, in a year’s time that could change.

These are the two major options people are considering to replace the Golden Globes. The other option is to not replace them at all. Though the Golden Globes isn’t as major as the Grammys or the Oscars, it still fills a major award show void that, if not replaced, could detriminally change the world of award shows.

Golden Globes, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, cancellation, replace, Critic’s Choice Award, Guild Awards

Can Anything Replace the Golden Globes?

The Golden Globes are currently on a redemption arc. They are working to diversify their journalists, which would in return help diversify the actual Golden Globes. NBC is not holding out hope for the HFPA, though. If anything, Hollywood is looking to revamp their entire award season.

This last year saw the worst streaming of award shows in the whole of Hollywood history. People no longer seem to care. Why replace something that people no longer enjoy? The award shows, might all need to be uprooted.

The cancellation of the Golden Globes could usher in a whole new era of award shows, or lack thereof. The coming year will determine if an award show can actually replace the Golden Globes. If not, it could lead to the demise of all award shows.

For now, Hollywood can hope that NBC will adopt the Critic’s Choice Award, the Guild Awards, or a new award show to fill that coveted Golden Globe spot in 2022.

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