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Author: Budapest Reporter

Diversity of a location in filming: Budapest and Hungary as Russia’s big cities

Budapest is a city that has a lot of sides. On several occasions, the capital city of Hungary played as Moscow or St. Petersburg in movies. Since the country was influenced many times in its history by Russia, especially in the 20th century, it has a lot of resemblance to the cites to the East. Downtown Budapest, you can find both modern and historical architectures and buildings. As you go further to the suburbs, you see more blocks of flats, which came with communism.

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Made in Hungary – Gemini Man

They say that creators are always looking for places that are worth getting to know and discover. Around the world, directors and moviemakers are looking for „THE” location. That is why the Hungarian capital, Budapest is getting more frequently chosen as a primary location for filming. Gemini Man (2019), an American sci-fi movie, which was directed by Ang Lee, is a movie in which Budapest was a key location as well. 

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Interview with Gábor Ferenczy about the “42 strokes” – How a film is produced in Hungary?

The producer of „Martfűi rém”, Gábor Ferenczy has been working on a project for several years about the first Hungarian handicapped Olympic Gold Medalist, even though back in the early 20th century, Paralympics didn’t exist. The movie is called: 42 Karcsapás (42 Strokes). Right now, it seems, that the long-awaited dream is about to finally come true. An interview with Gábor Ferenczy.

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“The Multicolored Treasure” of the film industry: Budapest

Finding a good location for a scene is a difficult task by itself. Finding a perfect location for a movie, where you can record both Berlin or Moscow by turning the camera 90 degrees to the other side, is almost impossible. Not in Budapest. The Hungarian capital in the middle of Europe is an absolute wonder for the film industry. Thanks to its variety, caused by the country’s history, lots of Hollywood’s directors have found this place charming.

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