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Anthony Mackie to star in Captain America 4

Anthony Mackie to star in Captain America 4

Anthony Mackie has signed with Disney and Marvel for a new superhero movie. Mackie to star in Captain America 4. 

Anthony Mackie has signed a deal to wear the shield in “Captain America 4” sources said. Marvel Studios, led by Kevin Feige, is keeping details under wraps, and it’s unclear whether the film will feature Sebastian Stan, who co-starred with Mackie in Marvel Studios’ Disney+hit limited series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.

The unofficial title suggests it’s Mackie’s vehicle, and it’s an exceptional career moment for the Juilliard-educated actor, who has been a bright spot in every film he’s appeared in.

This includes Best Picture wins for “The Hurt Locker”, “8 Miles” and “The Banker”, right up to his performance as Captain America’s sidekick, Falcon, who was chosen by the aforementioned superhero to succeed him. In the series, his conflict was touched upon by the inclusion of his superhero persona.

Mackie has already taken the “Avengers” character, Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, from the big screen to the small for Disney+, with creator/writer Malcolm Spellman and director Kari Skogland at the helm. Now he’s coming aboard for “Captain America Part 4”, with Spellman writing the script with Disney+’s Dalan Musson of Marvel fame.

Previously, Chris Evans has played Captain America through his character Steve Rogers, who has appeared in three solo films, “The Avengers”, and a selection of other Marvel movies.

The central theme of the Disney+ series has been who gets to carry the shield after Rogers and who gets to be Captain America. Now the feature film continues the story of Wilson, the current bearer of the shield, played by Mackie.

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, which also stars Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, received a strong critical and fan reaction. It was nominated for five Emmy Awards. Spellman has assembled an almost all-black writers’ room for the series, which has been praised for bringing the black experience to the forefront, unlike other superhero movies and TV series.

Mackie has a lot of films under his belt. Obviously, there are Marvels, but there are many others, such as “Outside the Wire”, shot in Hungary with ORIGO Studios. Mackie really enjoyed filming in Budapest.

He added: “We shot Outside the Wire in Budapest, the Hungarians were very friendly, I can only say good things about the locals: they helped us a lot to not only enjoy the work but also to get to know the capital,” said Anthony Mackie in a recent interview with Forbes in the US.

Source: HollywoodReporter, Deadline

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