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Alec Baldwin leaves Twitter following a joke he made about Gillian Anderson’s accents

Alec Baldwin leaves Twitter following a joke he made about Gillian Anderson’s accents

The actor has deleted his Twitter account once again following a backlash to a tweet he posted about Gillian Anderson.

“Of course, you can’t do any irony on Twitter,” he mentioned of his joke in his tweet regarding Anderson’s accent

The 62-year-old actor deleted his account on the social media platform on Wednesday, this time after receiving backlash for a tweet he wrote on the “Crown’s” actress, Gillian Anderson’s American accent throws some people off.” referencing Anderson speaking in her natural American accent at last week’s Golden Globes, despite usually speaking with a British accent in her roles.

“Switching accents? That sounds … fascinating,” Alec wrote alongside his retweet.

In a new video posted to Instagram on March 3rd, the former “30 Rock” star opened up in a video, taken from inside his car while driving, about the incident and his decision to quit Twitter.

He mentioned the following:

“Someone said this actress, who I won’t mention, had switched accents during the press for her show … and I just wrote. ‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ 

Alec Baldwin

Alec said. “You can’t do irony in the United States anymore, because the United States is such an uptight, stressed-out place, and such an unpleasant place right now.” Also adding that he’s “huge fan” of Anderson’s.

“The problem with Twitter is, there was a lot of haters,” Baldwin concluded in his ten-minute video, saying that he “can’t say anything dark enough” about many Twitter users.

Let’s shed some light on Gillian Anderson’s accent, as this is what started this whole mess.

You may not have known this, but the actress is actually bidialectal.

The 52-year-old “The Crown” actress was born in Chicago and moved to London when she was 5. She moved back to the United States when she was 11. Bidialectal means having the “facility in using two dialects of the same language.”

“It goes back and forth because I grew up in both places, so it depends on who I’m talking to,” Anderson said during an interview with Scott Lawrence in October. “So usually when I’m talking to Brits, it slides into British, and vice versa for American.”

This isn’t the first time actor; Alec Baldwin has quit the platform this year. Back in January, he left Twitter in light of a controversy surrounding the heritage of his wife Hilaria.

Source: NME, People, etonline

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