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After 2017 the Golden Bear may return to Hungary’s hall of fame in 2021

After 2017 the Golden Bear may return to Hungary’s hall of fame in 2021

This is a special year for Berlinale as there are two Hungarian nominees with a big chance of bringing the award home. Bence Fliegauf and Dénes Nagy are also nominated but in two different categories.

Bence Fliegauf is a regular awardee who returns to Berlinale for the 5th time (2003 ,2004, 2012 two times and 2016) and no wonder he has a big fan club in Berlin. He has the well deserved new opportunity to hold the world premiere of his new movie “Forest – I see you everywhere”.

Producer of the film are Ernő Mesterházy and Mónika Mécs, whose previous film was Ildikó Enyedi “On body and soul” in 2017 won the festival’s award.

Another contestant is also familiar with the A-list festival buzz because Dénes Nagy won the section Director’s Fortnight with his short film “Lágy eső” in Cannes. His new movie “Natural Light” will be held world premiere also cinematographed by the oddly talented Tamás Dobos who is an acclaimed photographer artist as well.

Natural Light

A scene from Natural Light

“If the competition offers a picture of the cinema as it is and as it will be, we can say that the disruption brought on by the events of 2020 has led filmmakers to make the most of this situation and create deeply personal films. This competition is less rich in numbers but very dense in content and style,” comments Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian on the selection.

Out of all the films invited, the majority come from artists who have already been at the festival. The range of topics are typically very broad and tackle directly relevant subjects. More importantly each film questions the form it opts for: Kammerspiel, documentary, short stories, moral tales, book adaptations, sci-fi, coming of age, satire, period film, fairy tale… This use of a genre or a model accompanies a process of playing with the rules.

In total there are 15 films, two of which are first features, which will compete for the Golden Bear and the Silver Bear. Productions from 16 countries are represented in the competition.

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